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The Karabin team is dedicated to improving the lives and future of disadvantaged Ukrainian kids. It begins at a summer camp and continues with year-round programs to
meet their ongoing needs: physical, emotional, and spiritual.

God’s heart for the world and missions!

Kamp Karabin is a project of the US non-profit organization called Our Legacy. Our core staff of seven full time workers and volunteers deliver love and encouragement to needy children in Ukraine and around the world. It began with a dream to fulfill God's commandment to take care of those in need. In Ukraine, everyone claims to be Christian, but unfortunately very few truly live out the Gospel.  We love God, we are living for Him, and our heart is to show His love in actions. We believe that every person is created with value. It breaks our hearts when God’s truth is not recognized and children are rejected, abandoned and abused. Our experiences and histories vary, but one thing binds us together: passion for serving needy children and recruiting others to join us. 
Meet our dynamic staff and volunteers. Although we have different talents and come from various backgrounds, we are all connected by our love for the fatherless and our desire to make their voices heard throughout the world.


Throughout the year our team is making contact with needy kids. They are invited to
attend our ‘extreme sports camp’ that includes the hope of the Gospel, where they are further discipled in a more serious, 24/7 environment. 
In addition, LIFE SKILLS lessons based on the Bible are taught filled with practical
aspects of everyday life, and situations they will face once they ‘age out’. Camp has a
lasting effect even after it ends, and some of our volunteers have been able to help
some children get adopted, provide medical help, and advocate for other needs.

Heart Behind The Minisrty


• Trauma care. 
• We are learning how to begin the healing process and become an effective mentor for children who come from hard places and difficult situations. 
• Childhood grief and loss. 
• We are learning how to walk someone through the grief and loss process, including the different stages of grief and loss. 
• We are discovering various types of therapy that can help children heal! 
• Childhood depression, anxiety, fear. 
• These emotional challenges can be the result of a traumatic event in a child’s past. We are helping them to overcome it. 
• We are training our volunteers what their role as mentors looks like, and how they can make a difference in a child’s life. 
• The heart of the needy child, the role of the counselor. 
• We are learning the different ways hurting children process their past, how they might react, and how we can counsel them cross-culturally! 
• The Bible and counseling. 
• We study what God’s word says about counselors, how we can apply truths from scripture to a child’s past, and help guide them to His truth.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations... 

MATHEW 28:19  

Karabin serves the community hand-in-hand in partnership with charitable organizations and people who are concerned about needy Ukrainian kids and families. 
We give underprivileged families a chance to experience a unique and fun learning experience, to learn about practical aspects of life that help them envision a better future. But most importantly we give these kids care and love and show them what is true Christianity in practice. We are making an eternal impact during the camp and continuing to serve them throughout the entire year. 

This is how we all can follow the commandment  

of Jesus to make disciples.  

Children & Poverty

1 Thessalonians 2:8

So, being affectionately desirous of you, we were ready to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own selves, because you had become very dear to us.

UN statistics inform us that up to 78% of people in Ukraine are living in poverty. 
Ukraine is the largest country within Europe and is home to 45 million people. Ukraine’s economy declined severely in the years following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Day-to-day life for the average person living in Ukraine is a struggle. A significant number of citizens in rural Ukraine survive by growing their own food. Many in the cities often work more than one job. The average monthly salary is US $140. The current war in Eastern Ukraine has put an even bigger strain on an already poor economy. Corruption, unemployment, despair and hopelessness are constant companions of Ukrainian people. 

Camp Karabin is team of 7 full-time workers and many volunteers who serve
underprivileged children in Ukraine. It all began with a dream to fulfill God's commandment to take care of those in need. The Karabin team invests in its volunteers who are from all over Ukraine. Throughout the year we arrange training sessions and Bible study with them, focusing on disciple-making and on fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus. The Karabin ministry is holistic. Summer camp is just a first step to build relationships with campers. Discipleship is not about a one-time event but rather an ongoing process. Our long term goal is real life transformation. This year we baptized four campers and this is how we measure impact. When we do camp our near term objective is to spend fun time with them, give them unforgettable positive impressions, help them see the beauty of life, and experience connection with God on a daily basis. That’s why we are very serious about our volunteers, whom we want to represent Jesus and be an example. We want them to be mature in their faith and to experience the love of God every single day so that they can share God’s love naturally with campers. When camp is over, there is a strategy in place for our volunteers to continue working with those kids and impact their lives.

• Training and equipping summer volunteers to live and cast a vision of whole life
• Have employees and summer volunteers looking out for underprivileged children in their local communities and invite them to the camp. 
• Conduct high quality programs at Camp Karabin. 
• Plan, strategize and implement followup work after each camp to disciple and develop life skills and leadership potential.  


“Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31.


Summer Camps

Throughout the year our team is looking for kids and families who need help. Kids 

identified in this way are invited to attend our Summer Bible Camps, where they are 

further discipled in a more serious, 24/7 environment. In addition, LIFE SKILLS lessons 

based on the Bible are taught, filled with practical aspects of everyday life and what they 

will face once they ‘age out’ . Camp has a lasting effect even after it ends, and some of 

our volunteers have been able to help some children get adopted, provide medical help, 

and advocate for other needs.  

Every year we raise funds to cover the costs for these campers at Karabin so they can 

attend at no charge. 

Camp Karabin dates for the summer of 2019
11th-22nd of June
June 23rd- July 4th


Short-term mission trips

Annually at Christmas time we lead a mission trip with our campers to the West side of Ukraine.  

We come alongside local ‘People of Peace’ who help us locate needy families.  Why? 

We follow God’s will and command to take care of others.  

We are trying to change our culture and teach our community to share and give, even if they do not have a lot to give. 

We build relationships with our campers and their families who help us with donations or presents for underprivileged kids. 

We teach our campers to appreciate what they have, to be thankful and to care for those who around them.

Dates for the mission in 2018
23d-29th of December


Trips to the USA

Trips always make our campers really excited! 
Campers experience growth from the inside out through a once in a lifetime experience. 


To facilitate life transformation and long-lasting growth by getting campers outside their
poverty existence. 

To allow campers to be in a perfect environment for a life-changing experience. 

To extend campers maximum potential. 

To broaden the minds of campers by opening them to new people, places and ideas.

Dates for the summer 2019 
June 6th - July 6 th


Of camp Karabin ministry


Lives we have touched

Life transformation is our target

6 + 8

6 Camps for needy kids + 8 Mission Trips

Discipleship is not about one
time event but rather ongoing process. 


Volunteers involved

Karabin team invests in volunteers


Vadim ( voluneer, 22 years )

It was an unforgettable experience to serve these precious kids at Karabin camp. I saw
real fruit and life transformation. It’s a great place to grow spiritually and become a
mature and aware Christian.

Ira, ( program director )

I am blessed to witness how God works with our campers. Karabin camp is a place for
everyone. We create credibility and demonstrate love. It is so important nowadays for Christians to go outside the walls of their church and become closer in community to
their neighbors, to those who are abandoned. We are called to share love, faith and hope.

Ernest (volunteer, 17 years)

Thankful to God for a wonderful camp experience at Karabin. Amazing opportunity to
built relationship with kids. I like the idea that Karabin is not just a one-time event but it is a life-to-life transformation process. I see how kids become more confident and refreshed and ready for another year at their boarding schools or orphanages. We follow up discipling them during the entire year. Karabin is a family.



The territory of Camp Karabin is still pretty rustic. We have six cabins, a dining hall building, bio toilets, and outdoor shower cabins. Our campers live in tents. Camp Karabin has a real authentic camping atmosphere. Our campers and their parents are looking forward to all facilities being completed for a more comfortable experience.  Despite the fact we face a lot of difficulties with outdoor rest we are tremendously blessed by God with people who support us and help to make Karabin a more beautiful place for God's’ Glory.  On the left you can see the map of the property, the constructions that are transparent
are those that we are planning to build. Currently our goal is to raise the money needed for indoor toilets and showers. 
Below you can see pictures of the Karabin Camp property.



a Missionary (donate your time)

You can contribute your time, skills and knowledge through volunteering with Karabin
campers. This is an opportunity to create a positive impact and be a significant force for
achieving life transformation and spiritual growth. Make a difference in the lives of

A Sponsor ( donate your finances)

Sponsorship gives our precious kids the opportunity to have fun, feel loved and find new
Your donations of only $200 sends a child to summer camp, $1000 will send five kids! You can
support our projects as well as development of the Karabin camp facilities. Would you please
consider to get involved in this ministry in Ukraine?.
When you send donations, please note in memo KIDS, PROJECTS or PROPERTY.

Ask for more details: ourlegacyus@gmail.com
(use it for donations via Paypal as well)
Visit us:PO Box 874 Owatonna,
MN, 55060, USA


SERVANTS, DO THEIR BEST FOR A BETTER FUTURE for ukraine and a better childhood for many underprivileged kids.
The minimum salary in Ukraine is around 300$ per mont

Sergey Moskovka

Executive director

My dream is life transformation of our campers and their families. I am enjoying
serving together with my team and I am very blessed to see fruit after each camp. 
My prayer request is to develop the camp where everyone can be closer to God. Camp
Karabin is a place to grow.

Roman Golovanov

Camp Development Coordinator

My dream is to see Camp Karabin as a platform where new generations can find their potential, develop comprehensively and form eternal values in their lives. 
My prayer request is to have physical and spiritual health, to have a close relationship
with God daily. Please pray for Karabin to be a top place for young people where we
build friendship with them and impact them, where we help families raise their kids with
the right values.

Iryna Sabadakha

Camp Program Director

I dream to generate new ideas for our camp, for the world to see Karabin as an innovative and recognizable camp. I dream to have amazing and dedicated coaches in
our camp. The Karabin team is planning to implement new projects throughout the year.
We brainstorm a lot and I pray we will be able to start all these projects. 
My prayer request is to always be creative enough and for my personal life for my future family which I pray to have one day.

Vitaliy Smatanuyk

Marketing & Sales manager

My dream is to create a global company, to create a camp franchise around the world
and to impact nations. My prayer requests are to become stronger in my faith, wiser,

more patient and to be able to improve my professional skills every year.

Tanya Sumyk

Property Director

My dream is to have beautiful and comfortable facilities at Karabin Camp where our campers and families whom we serve can feel at home.  My prayer request is my relatives' salvation. As well I ask you to pray for my professional skills and for my wisdom in my department. We need a car at the camp for several needs during the summer time. I dream to learn English.  

Milla Strichek

Partnership development department

Jesus changed my life completely when I was a camper in a Christian camp 15 years
ago. My dream is to share my faith with kids and teenagers and to see how God works
in their lives. 
My prayer requests are to develop our partnership department to have campers and volunteers from all over the world. To see how Ukraine will become an attractive country that impacts others, a place where each family loves God and where people love Jesus and make disciples daily.